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STEEL and ECO Series devices are built in a module system. This means that our customers can rely on our experience by selecting pre-designed sets of equipment or construct their own using the available modules.

Therefore, selecting equipment for playgrounds you do not have to make any compromise. As a result, you receive equipment that meets users expectations in terms of play functions, suitable for the needs of specific children groups.

The available module combination options are selected in such a way so as to meet the restrictive requirements of safety regulations, including EN-1176. The quality of the equipment is confirmed with certificates that permit marketing of our equipments in the entire European Union.

A piece of equipment manufactured by another company is included in the design?

No fear - the available modules provide for adaptation of our equipment to products of our competitors. 

As a result, you may buy equivalent or better products at lower prces and the savings can be spent e.g. on additional equipment for your playground.